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Featuring Guideline

ocadudrpt platforms aim to highlight the community of Drawing & Painting at OCAD University.

Featuring work from students, alumni, and faculty will encourage networking in the community and celebrates all the wonderful talent.  


Who is featured?

OCAD U DRPT Students, Alumni, and Faculty. 

Instagram @ocadudrpt

Who is featured?

Use the hashtag #repostdrpt in your Instagram post. This gathers the posts of our community that want to be featured in one place.


Follow the hashtag too! This will help you connect to others whose work you want to follow or people you might want to connect with for future art collectives or exhibitions. 


In general, there will be 3-5 features per week on social media and a monthly update on the community website hub page. However, depending on the school calendar and activities, the frequency may increase or decrease.

Curation Philosophy

We aim to present a diversity of mediums, subjects, colours, and techniques. Numbers-wise we are aiming for 75% from DRPT students, 25% from DRPT alumni, and features for OCAD faculty when they have exhibitions or events 

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