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OCAD University invites you to attend a virtual
Celebration of GradEx 106
Thursday, May 6
from 7 to 7:45 p.m.


Join us in celebrating the amazing talent of Canada’s
emerging artists, designers and digital makers.
Learn more about how we’re showcasing this year’s exhibitors.
Meet our OCAD University medal winners.



or invite your friends and family to watch the livestream at


"Archives of Resistance: Northern Migration" Brimming exhibition

Archives of Resistance: NORTHERN MIGRATION is an online exhibition that brings together a unique mix of collaborators composed of artists, designers, archivists, and educators.


Together, they draw parallels between narratives of resistance across the Americas to celebrate those who are often forgotten or dismissed in colonized lands. This is project is curated by soJin Chun in partnership with the Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre. 


We are grateful for the generous support from the Ontario Arts Council and the Canada Council for the Arts. 


Link to the akimbo ad:


Gatherings 2021: Studio Work ExhibitionMay to July of 2021

An OCADU show featuring

collaborative work of students from, Eco-Feminism Material and Touch led in partnership with Joshibi University of Art and Design in Toronto’s sister city of Sagamihara, Japan.

Students from Joshibi University of Art & Design (Sagamihara, Japan) and OCAD University (Toronto, Canada) joined with Associate Professors Nicole Collins (OCAD U) and Linda Dennis (Joshibi U) to collaboratively address issues of Eco-feminism through studio practice focusing on Material and Touch. These “studio works”, or studies, were created as we met online across time zones, distance, and languages. The interrelated topics of environmental crisis, current global feminist art practices, sustainable material explorations and the role of “touch” as a connective action informed all the work.

Student-driven research and experimentation with artmaking created from home studios and on campus environments also included an exchange of digital material across great distances from their respective localities, building an understanding of the possibilities of connection, materiality, and their personal positionality to place.

This year's Spring/Summer Section of DRPT-3007 Painting: Portraiture taught by Ilene Sova, Exhibition of Collaborative Project (COIL) course between OCAD U and State University New York Geneseo students

Curators: Natalie Claus, Ariana Massari, Ashley Walker
Teaching Assistant: Azulmar Escalera

Course Instructors: Alla Myzelev, SUNYG and Ilene Sova, OCADU


Looking Out While Looking In

The Covid-19 pandemic had tremendous effects on all of us around the world in different ways. From struggles at home to feelings of isolation, feelings of normalcy had been dismantled. With human contact existing through a screen, the effect of this pandemic has edged many people into a position of self-reflection. This, paired with the uncertainty of looking out at the ever-changing world around them, allowed for evolving perspectives. Together OCADU and SUNY Geneseo students developed an exhibition of self-portraits that reflects their struggles and realizations during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Project Description 

T For opportunities to create COIL modules or courses email: include email address of international collaborations person here or David Parfitt at

Open Now:

See the 2021 Graduating Classes Self-curated solo and group shows!


Thursday, September 30th , 2021

A First-Year Showcase of Self-Portraiture. Presented by OCADU Drawing and Painting

Curator: Marli Davis

Mentor & Co-Director: Julius Poncelet Manapul

First Self – Introspective Beings - is a showcase of OCADU Drawing and Painting self-portraiture from our first-year students. These paintings were conceptualized and created within domestic spaces during the final semester of 2021. Articulated threads interlink this collection of portraits, commonly touching upon cognitive imaginaries, confronting inhabited spaces, lingering between the host and the home. Through imagery, symbolism and narrative, we peer into each student’s lived experience within the pandemic. These works evoke resilience in a newly established way. Themes, materials, and methodology are altered for the times we are living in. Accompanying the ambiguous scope of vast introspective escapism is a communally manifested intrigue towards the psychological self. These paintings examine the self through culture, home, emotion, identity, and diversity; challenged and transformed. In a time of uncertain, ever-evolving demographics, our students have responded with an ability to accept their restrictions and experience exceptional creative growth. Tuning inwards when the outer realm becomes detached, isolation is met with illumination in this exhibition. The portraits document how research and self-exploration can become a lifeline for expression when combating a complicated socio-political reality. Collectively significant, intimate, physical and allegorical realizations unite these artists across digital landscapes.

Artists: Cora Abma, Oliver Ashton, Brandon Baghaee, Isis Carey, Nicole David, Tiffany Duong, Jordan Ho, Margot Hong, Gabe King, Stacy Lucibello, LXYXT, Melissa Monteiro, Katherine Nishimura, Caria-Gaye Oldham, Megan Parker, Olimpia Pedota, Anna Petrosyan, Michelle Pratt, Yana Rzayeva, Caro Simon

and Huini Xu


Bodies in Fleeting Reality:

Exhibition Opening May 5th

“Bodies in Fleeting Reality” is an online exhibition of work done by students in the OCADU  Figurative Painting Studio. These artworks were painted over the winter of 2021, speaking to  each artist’s experience of this global pandemic, with its dimensions of loneliness and solitude  and representing the artist’s individual approach to figurative painting and visual vocabulary." - Sarah Nind

The Language of abstraction flyer.jpg

The Language of Abstraction

Open Now: Featuring work from Scott Everingham's DRPT Winter Class

Abstract painting is now being practiced by artists who explore the

vocabulary of Modernism but reject Modernist claims to originality and

purism. Students explore this history and its application to practice, as well as abstraction's move from Modernist ideas that described painting as an autonomous surface, to Post Modern ideas surrounding painting as a cultural, textual site. Furthermore, this course will highlight current trends in abstraction and how international communities are embracing

the powerful act of painting - using material languages that connect to

their cultural environments and histories.


Nicole Collins - Crucible Remains

January 25 – February 28, 2021

#crucible2020 was envisioned and planned in 2019, the intentional transformation, through melting, of a large personal archive of encaustic paintings. While the pandemic brought the heat to our wax-like existence, these few paintings endured, stubbornly resisting the process.


Sanitized Activity; Emerging Artists Exhibition 

Works by Tania Costa, Heejae Jo, Behrard Motekalem, 

Par Nair, Neil Padaloy, Leah Probst

Online from January 6 — April 6, 2021


Propeller Art Gallery believes that having access to works from a wide range of artists at various points in their artistic careers enriches communities. The Sanitized Activity; Emerging Artists Exhibition is an online juried show that includes six 2020 OCADU graduates.  We are proud to present these new emerging artists: Tania Costa, Heejae Jo, Behrard Motekalem, Par Nair, Neil Padaloy and Leah Probst. 


Propeller Art Gallery is inviting you to a Zoom Opening Reception & Artist's Talk

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 825 1518 4074
Passcode: 578060


Julius Poncelet Manapul, Decolonizing Antiquities


Organized by John B. Aird Gallery director/curator Carla Garnet, features multi-media installation and collage works that arise from the artist's lived experience as a gay, diasporic, Filipinx. This solo show reflects Manapul's desire to disrupt static and globalized notions of queerness in favor of an emergent subjectivity that is remade through aesthetics.


His artistic practice focuses on the hybrid nature of Filipinx culture after colonialism and the colour-gaze of queer identities, using a taxonomy to excavate the experience of immigration and assimilation in the face of cultural erasure. Manapul’s exhibition with the Aird engages with geographies of resistance while addressing the experience of displacement through themes of colonialism, sexual identity, diasporic bodies, global identity construction, and Western hegemony. 


Rob Nicholls | Beware of Darkness | January 10th to January 31st, 2021

In this body of work the viewer is placed before thickets of alien plant life that shape-shift from aquatic weeds to tall grasses and trees. The whimsical vegetation is overgrown in the wild, gently pulsating to the rhythm of autumn, illuminated by a clearing beyond.  

Nicholls, who grew up on Vancouver Island, British Columbia recalls an adventure with two friends who attempted to paddle a lifeboat across the channel from Swartz Bay to Salt Spring Island. “The island’s hillside appeared majestic in its technicolor fall palette and we could only imagine what the view might be from the top. We embarked on our journey into the ocean only to find ourselves quickly dwarfed by mother nature. The towering island that had appeared attainable from land was now dangerously out of reach. Its trees swayed gracefully in the wind while the unforgiving ocean waves left us spinning. We were forced to raise our flag and be rescued by the nearest powerboat who returned us to shore."



Supported by the Drawing & Painting Program and the Office of Diversity, Equity & Sustainability Initiatives | Victoria Ho, Julius Poncelet Manapul & Ilene Sova.

Artworks by: Athena Nemeth, Ethan Platt, Joan Nuguid, Usman Abdullah, Sedi Aledavood, Anne Wallace, Yingchao Chen, Kaile Ward, Ryan Carney, Aleena Derohanian, Ysobel Balatbat, Bianca Jones, Blair Immink, Bhavana Jalali, Kimia Ghofrani, Adam Gourlay, Maryam Zaraimajin, Jennie Lau, Deanna Hood, Shiva Kheirabadi, Dilshad Kanji, Adrian Baduria, Julia Robson-Macgregor, Dalia El Toark, Ash Randall-colalillo, Oliver Ashton, Nasim Salehi.

This online exhibition features the upcycled artworks produced by OCAD U students and alumni of all disciplines. This event is organised by OCAD U Drawing & Painting Program and the Office of the Diversity, Equity & Sustainability Initiatives to provide an opportunity to emerging artists and designers from diverse practices to showcase their creative possibilities including interdisciplinary 2d and 3d works that stem from reclaimed and found materials. This initiative is an attempt to help generate excitement and continue the conversation about sustainability in our creative practice. -Usman Abdullah

the exploration of drawing 2.jpg

Visit Digital Exhibition Below 

This exhibition is comprised of a collection of student work that centers around the processes of both traditional and experimental drawing methods. Due to the unique nature of this show, these works come to you from around the globe from participants, each experiencing the world from different communities, environments, and situations. Showcasing widely varied investigative processes exploring the boundaries of drawing. Instead of succumbing to the limitations and disadvantages of the current social climate, the exhibit participants continue to flourish and create despite being in the confines of quarantine. It exemplifies how these artists not only create transformative work but transformative spaces as they adjust to non-traditional studio settings.


This exhibition combines translations of time, sound, and scale through the process of drawing. Using experimental methods, participants have tackled intangible human experiences to produce works that push the traditional confines of what can be drawn and what can be considered a drawing


Visit Digital Exhibition Below

The Thoughts are Alive is an online exhibition of art from students of the Ontario College of Art and Design University. The work within the exhibit engages with the ideas of Time, Story and Body and how they manifest visually within the practice of drawing. This exhibit reveals the diverse and expansive range of approaches within the drawing umbrella, challenging perceptions of what “drawing” means. The relationship between Time, Story and Body can be understood through these artworks simply as the story of our lives; and how we exist in a linear, time-based world that is ever-changing, and constantly developing. 

The creative, divergent applications of these very human themes are reflective of our current, global environment. One that has superseded every facet of our existence and forced us to reinvent in new digital and technological ways, therefore abandoning traditions we previously understood as the norm. Within this exhibition we can now understand drawing as a form of critical thought and a reflection of the time-based, narrative systems of the body. In a completely virtual format, The Thoughts are Alive is an exhibit showing works of art that engage with these poignant and contemporary frameworks.

Flyer for exhibition.png

Opening December 10th 

Group Exhibition: 

Since the primitive age, human beings have found ways to create, mark making in any possible form. Through hand markings on caves, to the intricate painting techniques of the renaissance, to the age of romanticism, and the reconstruction of the artworld by abstract artists and the avant-garde. There are so many ways to symbolize, to conceptualize, to create. In this online exhibition we will be celebrating just that, the freedom of mark making, the unconfined definition of what it means to make art.

Screen Shot 2020-12-01 at 9.24.09 PM.png


Twenty-four cross-disciplinary students at OCAD University have created this online exhibition situating their personal experiences with the ongoing pandemic. This show is the culminating activity for the third year COVID-19 Responsive Art course.

Opening December 2nd 2020

Screen Shot 2020-12-17 at 7.50.30 AM.png

First Year Drawings from Fall 2020


Drawing Across Disciplines is OCAD University Faculty of Art's first-year drawing experience. In the wake of COVID and other difficulties in the year 2020, this exhibition-site of our students' drawings stands as a testament to our collective will to educate ourselves and make the world a bit better, more beautiful by our re-making.

This year the course was taught by Luke Painter, David Griffin, JJ Lee, RICHard SMOLinski, Amy Swartz, Heather Frise, Spencer J. Harrison, Derek Liddington, and Erin Finley. Working to engage our first-year students with a wide range of materials and ideas, DAD faculty emphasize that drawing is a thinking practice with deep roots, surprisingly useful across disciplinary lines, not just as formative approaches to the work of Art and Design.

Vivace One_48x48_oil on canvas_2020.jpeg

Anda Kubis

Lontano: Solo Exhibition 

Newzones Gallery of Contemporary Art

Lontano (Italian for “from afar”) is a new body of work inspired by a teaching term in Florence in 2019, and further shaped by Anda’s return to Canada just as a pandemic was soon to usher in a new way of life.

Calgary, Alberta

November 26, 2020 - Jan 9, 2021


Julius Poncelet Manapul

Decolonizing Antiquities

On view November 5, 2020, to January 29, 2021

Julius Poncelet Manapul, Decolonizing Antiquities, organized by John B. Aird Gallery director/curator Carla Garnet, features multi-media installation and collage works that arise from the artist's lived experience as a gay, diasporic, Filipinx.

Click the link below to book an appointment. 


Exhibition: Oct. 30 to Nov. 21

Laura Millard’s exhibition trace, on view at the Visual Arts Centre’s McClure Gallery, engages with the language of drawing and gesture in relation to the landscape while questioning the traces our actions leave behind.

Millard’s process begins with drawings that she views as performances in the landscape. She photographs these from far overhead with a drone, and then uses paint and drawing materials to work into the print, adding marks made by the hand to those captured in the image. Selected images are printed onto fabric to use in lightboxes scaled to the height of the viewer. The lightboxes envelop the viewer, casting light and the reflected image into the space. These immersive experiences of place visualize precarious landscapes on the verge of radical change.

Black= flyer show opening .png

Black Equals 

Featuring work from Camille Kiffin, Nicole David, Carol Kabmaba, Natia Lemay, Ashley Waithe, Kadine Lindsay, Ay Johnson, Brandon Baghaee, Dalali Cofie.


Artists varying from first year to the fourth year consider terms that define their Blackness. Through this lens, the artists seek the reconnection of imagery with terms integral to highlighting the strengths and complexities within the Black community. 

Screen Shot 2020-10-19 at 10.09.30

Art in the time of Coronavirus - from the Drawing and Painting program at OCAD U

The psychological and emotional effects of social distancing emerged from the work and spoke to a collective commonality that humans are experiencing worldwide. Emotional overwhelm and burnout, struggles with childcare, an unnatural dependence on technology and screens, and upended daily routines. Here we have our students doing what artists do best, interpreting the world around us and feeding it back to us with beauty sensitivity and collective relational understanding.  

Michelle Forsyth.jpg

Join us for a reception celebrating the opening of Michelle Forsyth’s solo exhibition, our relationship is beautiful due to the distance. 

  • Date: Thursday October 15th, 3pm - 6pm

  • Location: Corkin Gallery, 7 Tank House Lane, Distillery District Toronto

  • RSVP: Please RSVP to, or simply reply to this email

COVID-19: Physical distancing will be practiced at this event. Masks are mandatory. Attendance inside the gallery will be capped at 25 people. Due to restrictions, refreshments at this event will be limited.


Meta-Figure: The Body in Paint 


This exhibition highlights the work created by students in Natalie Majaba Waldburger’s Drawing and Painting studio/seminar class “Meta-Figure: The Body in Paint” this past Summer 2020.

Curated by: Natalie Majaba Waldburger


First Self: “FIRST SELF”



Curated By: Natia Lemay, Julius Poncelet Manapul & Ilene Sova


Narratives Through Digital



Online Show from a group of students who completed the Pixel Pusher Remote/Online version course with Julius Poncelet Manapul. 

Curated by: Julius Poncelet Manapul

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